Sunday, December 19, 2010

grilled cheese and salad

Back to posting after a long hiatus! Here's my new favorite grilled cheese with some accompaniments:

Gruyere & truffle grilled cheese: Use really good Gruyere cut into thin slices. Spread one side of the bread with butter and sprinkle on truffle oil. Put one slice in a hot pan, butter side down and then layer the Gruyere on top of that slice. Put on the other side of the bread. Flip when the cheese has started to melt and the cooked side is golden and crispy.

Salad: Saute mushrooms in olive oil. Add garlic and black pepper and cook some more. Add balsamic vinegar before putting mushrooms over romaine hearts.

Mashed potatoes with kale: Boil cubed potatoes (I used yellow this time) until soft. Drain and put back in pot with butter, salt, pepper, and bits of kale. Stir until kale gets soft.

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