Saturday, March 14, 2009

Beef Stroganoff

To be honest I had weird mac and cheese craving but searched for a better option and settled for beef stroganoff. I was hesitant about how "creamy" it would come out because I was determined to only use two tablespoons of reduced fat sour cream (40 calories total). But I must say it was delicious and such a better idea than mac and cheese.

Ingredients: (makes about 8 servings)
1 lb of thinly sliced beef stew meat
3 medium sized shallots
1 tub of white mushrooms
seasoned all purpose flour
1 box of organic beef stock
elbow macaroni
2 tbls of reduced fat sour cream
1 cup of white wine (not pictured)
pinch of thyme

Note: take the sour cream out of the fridge when you start. At room temperature, it will less likely curdle when you eventually add it to the hot sauce.

1. Slice the pieces of beef into very thin pieces (easier to do if the pieces are still frozen)
2. Dust it with some flour/pepper and saute it in a pan in small batches until brown and crispy
3. Take the beef off the pan and set aside (dont worry about any of the burnt stuck on bits in the pan. that will add to the flavor and color of the final sauce)
4. Dice the shallots and slice the mushrooms (start boiling water for the pasta, and yes, add the pasta when the water boils)
5. In the same pan saute the shallots first until translucent
6. Now add the mushrooms and some salt to render some of the liquid

7. When the pan has evaporated all the liquid, add the pieces of beef and the white wine to deglaze. (turn the stove to high heat and add the thyme seasoning)
8. When that has all evaporated and even slightly smoking, slowly spoon in the broth a little at a time. It will steam and sizzle

9. Once the pan has cooled down (the broth is now boiling) turn the heat it back down to a medium heat.
10. Con't to cook until nothing is stuck to the pan, the beef is tender, and the sauce is thick and opaque.
11. Add salt to taste.
12. Take the pan off the heat and slowly spoon in the sour cream.
13. Drain the pasta and serve the beef stroganoff over the top. (you can also use rice, egg noodles, or any other standard starch)

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