Sunday, April 26, 2009

Braised Lamb Shank Surprise

So lamb was on sale and I thought I would know what to do with my impulse buy by the time I got it home but I figured itself out in the end.

First. I browned all the sides of the lamb in a large pot and then braised it in some water, left over red wine, garlic, and spices (pepper, thyme, cumin, and red pepper flakes). I did not have the patience or knowledge to butcher this thing down to a manageable size.

I ended up braising it on simmer for so long that by the time i decided to take it out, the meat just fell apart. And surprise! I unintentionally made a lamb version of bbq pulled pork. A drizzle of honey on top just rounded out all the flavors (think bbq sauce). Sorry for not capturing the sandwich in a photo, but here is the what the meat looked like post-pull. So savory. Seriously, one of my best random unplanned endings ever.

Bonus: As for the stock, check out Italian Wedding Soup

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