Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ching Cai (bok choy)

Ok I dont even know if this qualifies as a recipe (its more just tips for preparation) because its so easy and basically comprised of 1 ingredient. It is also very typical of real chinese food..ahh reminds me of childhood days. and no my parents didnt have to force it down my throat. I actually ate it. The basic formula is veggie+salt+pepper+high heat. (if you are thinking stir fry, you die...i mean you are wrong)

So this is that formula with xiao ching cai. or baby bok choy cuz its more tender, here goes:

1. peal the leaves apart from 2-3 bunches
2. cut green part away from the white stem part and chop into munchable sizes (im always annoyed when restaurants serve this stuff whole or cut in half long ways. firstly my mouth is not that big and secondly dont they know the stems and leafy greens require different cooking times? *sigh*)

3. heat oil in a pot (my mom prefers a pot to cook because the sides prevent oils from splattering spatter on you or the counter)
4. add salt and pepper to the pot
5. once the pot is hot (test by flicking some cold water and hearing a sizzle)
6. add only the white stems and stir it around
7. after a few mins taste a small piece, if its tender throw in the green parts
8. once its all wilted take it off the heat and eat.

Congrats! you've just consumed about 1/3 of a day's fiber.
its delish with some rice and another side.
Serves 2 as a side or 1 if its just me. (reheats well too for next-day lunches i.e. doesnt get mushy in the microwave)

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