Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Garlic Broccoli

Another minimalist dish that's all in the preparation.


two bunches of broccoli
two cloves of garlic
olive oil


1. Boil a pot of water (enough to cover the broccoli)
2. During this time wash the broccoli and shop into uniform florets
3. When water is boiling pour over the chopped broccoli and allow it to blanch in a bowl for about a minute. you will notice the broccoli turn bright green.
4. During this time heat a pan to medium to high with some oil, salt, pepper, and course chopped garlic
5. Drain broccoli and saute quickly in pan for ~2 mins.
6. taste a piece to make sure there is no more raw broccoli flavor and take off the heat. If its not longer crunchy you cooked it too far.

its sooo much better than mushy and steamed!

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