Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chocolate Coconut Cake (Happy Birthday to Carlos)

So its Carlos's birthday and this is the cake I made him! I used the standard box mix with a twist of coconut and attempted to make a healthier icing other than the standard stuff in a tub or anything that involves creaming butter. It turned out so pretty. I will update later with his review on taste. notes in parentheses. Serves 12 (or 1)

Ingredients for the cake:
Standard box of chocolate cake mix that makes two 8-inch rounds (I was debating regular yellow cake. The coconut flavor would definitely stand out more but chocolate gives you better contrasting colors...its a cake, presentation is actually important here!)
6 oz of an 8 oz can of cream of coconut (btw here is the 411 on coconut products from a can from my favorite food blog...this actual post inspired this recipe...mmm tasty)

Ingredients for the icing:
5 oz package of instant vanilla pudding mix
1.5 cups of skim milk

8 oz tub of coolwhip
2 oz of the remaining 8 oz can of cream of coconut
1 cup of sweetened toasted coconut shavings

Part 1: The Cake
1. Follow the directions on the back of the box for the batter. (Also take the coolwhip out of the fridge to let it sit in room temp)
2. Substitute 1/2 a cup of water for the cream of coconut
3. mix mix mix
4. pour 1/2 of the batter into an 8 inch round pan or whatever pan you want. The batter should hit the halfway up the pan. (if you have two pans pour the other half in the other pan and bake both at the same time. otherwise just bake one at a time)

Part 2: The Icing
5. While cakes are baking mix together the milk, pudding mix, and remaining cream of coconut.
6. let sit for however long it says to in the back of the pudding mix. Mine said 2-3 mins
7. Now gently fold the coolwhip into the mix. (If you over mix and it falls flat try beating it with a fork like beating an egg to incorporate air back in and then popping it into the fridge to stiffen up...not that big of a deal)

Part 3: Assembly
8. When cakes are done set it on a rack and let it cool completely (I let them sit out over night. Dont cover them in containers or put in the fridge to speed up the process or you'll get soggy mush due to random condensation).
9. Use a long knife to level both cakes and remove any bumpy irregularities.
10. Spread icing on top of one cake and stack the other one on top.
11. Then cover the whole thing with icing.
12. Sprinkle the whole thing with toasted coconut.

Part 4: Consumption (optional)
13. stick candles in the cake.
14. light them.
15. sing the birthday song.
16. make wish.
17. blow out candles in one breath.
18. eat the cake (not optional)


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