Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sweet Plantains

Here's a very common Caribbean/Central/South American side. The first time I attempted to make fried plantains I was in Costa Rica so this brings back lots of memories. The recipe and the preparation are all very simple but its all about finding the ingredient and making them at the perfect ripeness. They turn out soooo sweet and with a crispy burnt caramel coating. Just perfect. I think its traditionally served with savory dishes like charcoal chicken, but it makes for a tasty breakfast or snack too.

I got these fresh plantains at a local Columbian market. Ideally the plantain peal is completely black when you make them. The one pealed in the picture was black. Dont worry, they may not look so pleasant but they arent mushy. The other two I make 3 days later.

Plantains (one for each serving)
Three tbsp of canola oil
Dash of salt

1. Heat the oil in a pan
2. Meanwhile peal and slice the plantain into 1/2 in thick pieces
3. Pan fry them in the pan by gently sliding them in one piece at a time
4. When the are browned, flip and fry the other side (some burnt edges is fine..think taste of burn marshmallows)
5. Place on a paper towel to absorb some of the oil.
6. Sprinkle a few grains of salt over the top to enhance the flavor and consume!

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